Online Meetings

We have moved our meetings online since last month. On April 14, we held a Google Meet on the subject of GIS freelancing, to which sixteen people participated, most of them SCGIS members from outside our chapter. We had a great time sharing our experience as freelancers. All our resources and links were gathered in a Google Doc that was made available to the participants.
We are holding this month's meeting on May 12 from 5:30 PM. We will be focusing on the topics of online learning and mapping projects of current interest. Participants are free to add any other relevant topic.

Why You Should Start Learning to Code TODAY

Originally published here
I am writing this article for the members of the Society for Conservation GIS NY/NJ Chapter who are at the beginning of their careers, but all those who want to add coding skills to their resumes can benefit from reading it.
I have been an advocate for STEAM education my entire life. Coming from a family of educators, and being a nerdy kid, it was not exactly hard to be convinced of its enormous value early. Most recently, I have been extremely worried to observe how a lack of education is undermining democracy itself.
I am talking about STEAM education, not just STEM. Meaning that the Arts should always be part of the package. They are much more important for modern civilization than you might think. More important than science? Just as important, and equally important to physical education, in my opinion. I will detail this on another occasion.
I am not only an advocate of STEAM education. I am an advocate of life-long learning. And one of the skills you sh…

Coding in Conservation GIS

The theme of our March meeting is CODING IN GIS. Are you a GIS developer or are you planning to become one? What are the scripting languages that are most useful in a GIS career? Are you more interested in GIS development or in GIS analysis? Are they necessarily divergent? How is coding helpful in conservation projects? Please feel free to share links to your favorite-tools-of-the-trade and online learning platform courses here in the comments.

February 11 Meeting

SCGIS NY/NJ made new friends and gained a few new members at our December and January meetings. We had some interesting conversations about GIS careers. A few of us are in need of mentorship and are weighing the advantage of internships - the importance of choosing them wisely. Others are excited by the increasing availability of remote work in this field. An important topic was the importance of being a paying member of professional organizations. SCGIS has proved particularly auspicious in this regard for a few of us hired as satellite imagery experts for National Geographic Society, an opportunity provided through SCGIS. During the last meeting, the conversation converged on the subject of project portfolios. We had the idea of having a theme for every meeting, and this one seemed opportune for the February edition. How many of us have GIS portofolios or are currently working on them? How many of us need portfolio ideas, reviews, critiques, collaborators? How many of us need person…

Holiday Party at Bedford Falls

Last month we celebrated GIS Day at our symposium after-party venue, Bedford Falls. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to turn it into our regular haunt. On this occasion we created our Meetup Group, Conservation GIS NYC, taking advantage of the Meetup special offer. The group has its first event today. We start at 5.30 PM. Free refreshments, including vegan options, will be provided. One beverage or food item minimum purchase is required per person.
We look forward to meeting at least some of the new faces out of the over forty members who already signed up!

Summer Happy Hour at Carroll Place in Manhattan on August 28

We are saying goodbye to the summer of 2019 on August 28, 6 PM, at Carroll Place. We will be using this meeting opportunity to discuss ideas for future meetings, and maybe sketch a rough plan for celebrating GIS day on November 13. Join us for an opportunity to network, volunteer, or just chat about conservation GIS projects in the NY/NJ area and beyond. Spoiler alert: we have a few exciting news for you!

Symposium on April 16

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event a success!